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"Minute to Win It" Rule

Make elimination games great again

· Classroom Management,Physical Education

I love elimination games but one of the biggest problems is the waiting. Waiting is boring. How do we take great games and take the waiting out of the equation? My answer was the "Minute to win it" rule (or sometimes "2-minute to win it"). For any two-sided game (think Dodgeball), I put a time limit on how long kids can sit out. In the Dodgeball example, I'll set a 2 minute Dinger. Every time the sound goes off, everybody that's out can get back in.

It's great for my small space too. I can make the teams smaller by having a third team that sits in the Jail. In the Dodgeball example, whichever team has the fewest people out wins and stays in while the team that lost switches places with the people in the Jail.

To prevent disputes during ties, I designate one side to be the Champion side and the other as the Challenger. If your team wins, you move to the Champion side. If there's a tie, the team on the Champion side is out and goes to the Jail.

Minute to Win it Gaga Ball

As much as I love playing Gaga Ball with a couple of Jails. My favorite way we play is Elimination Style, but they play for less than 2 minutes. I created a countdown timer (see below) that I put up on the screen in my "gym". When they're out, I give them a few choices of other things they can do but most prefer to watch. When the next game starts, the ball is placed in the middle of the pit and all players need to touch a wall. The game begins again on the DING.

I capped the timer at 12 minutes so it only has about 6 games. However, I created a YouTube Playlist that loops the video over and over again so you can play forever.

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