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Air Pong

The Perfect Striking PE Game

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What is Air Pong?

If you have access to chalk and a balloon, you can play Air Pong. It's one of the first games I teach my students because it's something they can do at home. It's also a perfect small-sided game for warm up choices. I also started using it at my summer camp as a free choice.

I designed the game to teach air-striking skills while minimizing arguments. I make sure to print off the rules and post them next to the activity to settle any disputes.

A Couple Notes

  • It's important to have at least a foot or two between squares so spikes become more difficult to execute, creating a more fair game.
  • Whenever there is a line, they play to 2 points and the winner stays to face the next opponent.


  • Play it with paddles!
  • Change the size of squares
  • Use a more inflated or less inflated balloon
  • For next-level players, use a beach ball (and consider eliminating spikes)
  • Put a rope between the two sides (a couple feet off the ground) and they have to make it over the "net"
  • Add two more squares and play with 4 square rotations
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