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Defend Your Pin

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Defend Your Pin

As a PE teacher, it's great to have versatile games that can be used to practice a variety of skills. This way, you don't need to waste time explaining a new game. Teach the game for hand striking, then use it for kicking, throwing, hockey skills, etc.

Game play is very simple. Protect your pin from falling down and try to knock other pins down.

What You Need

  • Bowling Pins are a must (and they're incredibly useful for a variety of games).
  • I use vinyl poly dots as space markers, but tape on the floor could be a great substitution.
  • Proper equipment for the skill (foam dodgeballs for throwing or kicking, hockey sticks for hockey skills, noodles if you want to play with no balls).



  • Paranoid Play: If you're one of those people that thinks the world is out to get you, this game is for you. It's you against the world and every player for themselves.
  • Team Play (colored dots): As shown at the end of the video, several dots are the same color and players that share the dot color are on the same team. If you knock out your teammate, you have to take their pin to the jail.
  • Team Play (colored pins): Using colored pins or painted pins, anybody who shares the same color of pin is on the same team.
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