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    May 16, 2019 · Physical Education,Games
    Watch: How to Play Ultimate Kickball The video is two and a half minutes, what are you waiting...
    My number one rule is "If You're Sweating, You're Winning." As it happens, by the end of class,...
    May 14, 2019 · Team Building,Physical Education,Social-Emotional,teaching
    Waiting for a class to leave can be disastrous. We all know what waiting is... boring. And when...
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    Meet the writer - Nick Williamson

    PE Teacher, Camp Counselor, Dad, Coach

    Nick Williamson, affectionately known around his school as “Coach W,” has taught PE for nearly a decade and spent a year designing marketing material and user interfaces (the look and feel of the app) for a local tech startup. In addition to teaching, he has spent the last two decades getting kids to love physical activity in the form of summer camps and after-school cares.


    He believes that PE classes should sell youth on health and fitness and, more importantly, prepare them for life by building skill-sets in the areas of problem solving and decision making. Growing up as a non-athlete; he strives to motivate all students regardless of their athletic abilities.

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