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Why I Make Animated Videos

And How to Get the Most Out of Them

Years ago I ran into some pretty common problems when trying to teach new skills or games.

  • Attention Span: If I spent more than two minutes describing a skill or activity, I lost their attention.
  • Demonstration: To best demonstrate activities and skills, you typically need more bodies than just your own. Then you're hoping that the kids you choose as models can accurately do what you want them to do (and you run into the clowns).

I also had the problem of finding GOOD games. I'd spend hours reading through game ideas and watch some pretty lengthy videos only to find out that I didn't like the games at all.

So I started making animated videos. The intent is to make high quality videos for teachers as well as the kids. I want teachers to know right away if they'll like the game (or if it's even possible in their situation). And I want it to be viewable by kids.

It's amazing how little time I waste instructing a game by just showing the kids these videos. While they're watching, I can finish setting the game up. It's also great for the kids who come in late. I'll have them pull it up on an iPad and I don't need to stop instruction to help somebody who came in after we learned the activity.

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