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An EASY Team Building Game, Perfect for Subs & Field Day

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This is one of my favorite games for

  • Team building
  • Coming back from a break
  • Leaving for a substitute teacher
  • Field Day

The goal is to collect as many cards as possible. Check the Variations at the bottom for ways to keep the game interesting. Teams wait behind a cone on the perimeter of the area with the cards in the middle. One player at a time can go flip over a card and see if they get the right one. The goal is to get as many as possible in the time allowed or to be the first to get a certain amount.


I use a deck that I created where each shape has a number inside and a different color. I use these cards for more than this game but that's another post. This deck has 25 cards: 5 shapes, 5 numbers, and 5 colors. I'll put out 3 or 4 decks to keep the game interesting. The best part of using a deck like this is it makes it ridiculously easy to start a new game. Each team just spreads their cards back into the playing area. If they're thinking, they're trying to remember where cards are being placed. BUT you can keep them on their toes. Maybe in Round 1, each team was searching for a shape. Now, in Round 2, they need to find a specific number.

Other ideas for cards:

  • Print shapes onto cardstock paper. Originally, this was how I played the game. I had 15 squares, circles, triangles, and stars.
  • A deck from the board game "Memory." Just spread all the cards out and each player gets to flip two cards. If they find the pair, they take it back to their team.
  • Similarly, two decks of playing cards would work. Just find the match. This might be tougher for younger students.


  • First to 10
  • Most cards in 5 minutes
  • Pick two cards each time. If you find a match, take it back.
  • Put the cards all in the circle in the middle of the gym. No feet allowed in the circle (even better if their knees can't touch the ground... make them do planks to get the cards).
  • Set out a ton of dots: Seeker can only touch the dots and can't touch a dot somebody else is on.
  • Seeker is blindfolded and the team needs to direct them.
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