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Got Drinking Problems?

Get Rid of the Line at the Watering Hole

My number one rule is "If You're Sweating, You're Winning." As it happens, by the end of class, thirst is a real thing. Students can leave the gym to get a drink any time they hear music but most of the time they're having so much fun they don't even think about it.

When my students line up at the end of class, I call out my "Ballers of the Day," give them a Topic of Conversation, then turn on my drink video (see below).

I made one with a shorter amount of time for each drink in case we line up late. You can check that one out here.

Here's how it works:

  • On the line where we line up, I put numbers about 2 ft apart so they have enough space to themselves.
  • All of my classes (except Kindergarten) have a line order, so they know exactly where to go. Kinders just line up on any number they want except for the first four, which are reserved for the Ballers of the Day.
  • When your number pops up on the board, you may get up and walk to the drinking fountain.
  • Drink until the next person gets there. If you don't notice them, they'll tap you or let you know it's their turn.
  • You need to leave the fountain right away.*

*Since my drinking fountain is in the hall, out of my view, my students know that if they get a couple complaints about not leaving the fountain right away, then they will have to go last for a while (and hopefully we have enough time for them)

I also teach them how to do the deep breathing that is shown in the video. If our conversation gets too loud or out of control, we stop the jibber-jabber and begin deep breathing. Most of the time, they want to giggle their way through it so I've learned to embrace it by having them exhale like a flat tire (with a 'hiss').

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